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Safe + Sound Week




In recognition of Safe + Sound Week, Lewellyn Technology would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the importance of a comprehensive electrical safety program at your facility. If your safety program is lacking or hasn’t been dusted off for a while, this is the week to get back on track. When it comes to workplace safety and operational performance, good enough is not an option. There is a difference between comprehensive safety and just checking a compliance box. Take a minute this week to re-evaluate your program to ensure you are in line with the 5-Critical Areas of Workplace Safety: 1) An Effective Safety Program, 2) Hazard Assessments, 3) Hazard Prevention, 4) Hazard Mitigation, 5) Safety Training.

Safe + Sound week helps remind us that we need to be constantly looking forward on how to improve workplace safety for our employees. Lewellyn Technology is proud to participate in bringing awareness to improving safety programs and we look forward to an opportunity to partner with you to get your program back on track!